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New Dawn Coffee Company

Coffee NEW "Sol Vintage" Mexican Organic Medium-Dark Roast

Coffee NEW "Sol Vintage" Mexican Organic Medium-Dark Roast

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The Mexican Organic Roast is a medium roast, single origin, fair trade, organic bean with notes of milk chocolate, orange and honey roasted in Wisconsin. Each bag sold has 100% proceeds given to a 501c3 that aids Veterans with Cancer.

Bean Information:

Location: Chiapas, Mexico

Elevation: 1000-1900 Meters

Fully Washed

Acidity: Above Average

Body: Above Average

Sweetness: Above Average 

**All coffee is shipped as whole bean**-This helps to ensure you are receiving the ultimate level of freshness, as coffee loses 70% of its flavor within 15 minutes of being ground. 

The Federación de Sociedades Cooperativas Cafetaleras de la Sierra Madre FC de RL (FEDESI) is located in Chiapas, Mexico, and is composed of six coffee groups throughout many municipalities of Chiapas. Surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains, their coffee is grown at high altitudes (~1,000-1,900 meters above sea level) which contribute to the complex flavors that you will taste in your cup. Their coffees undergo a washed process after the cherries are hand-picked and transported to the mill where they are sorted, weighed, pulped, washed, and dried. Many of the FEDESI coffee groups are small producers, with about 3 acres each, but each group has its own operating wet mill and patio where they dry their coffee. They have a certified volume of 32,000 bags of fairtrade organic coffee per year.

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